Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Products and Price Lists

In this post the business and definition method of units, products, price and discount lists will be discussed. To define these items, the following steps should be used:
  •        Definition of units and unit groups.
  •        Definition of products.
  •        Definition of discount lists.
  •        Definition of price lists.

First of all, we have to describe the units and unit groups.

A unit group contains the base unit a product is available, and then lists all the different increments that this base unit is packaged for the sale [Dynamics CRM definition]. For example, if you sell milk the base unit would be liter. Other units could be Gallons, KGs etc. To define these units follow these steps:
  1.        Define a unit group, namely “Volume”. The base unit could be “Liter”.
  2.       After you have saved the group, the “units” tab in navigation bar would be activated. In this section new units could be added.
  3.        A Gallon is 4.546 liters. Hence, the quantity should be 4.546. Base unit is “Liter”.

After the units definition, the products could be defined. In this step, for a new product you have to enter some information such as name, ID,… . The unit group and unit could be selected according to what already defined. “Decimal support” shows the fraction of the product that could be sold later.

Next step is to define discount list. A discount list contains the specific discounts that can be applied to a product, based on volume purchased [Dynamics CRM definition]. The information of a discount list is completely independent of the product; hence it could be used for more than a price list item. To define a discount list, first you have to save a name and type for it. Then, the discount “begin quantity”, “end quantity”, “amount” should be entered.

The final step, is to define price list and its items. The price list items, are exactly what we need when creating quotes. Creating a price list item, one should specify the unit, product and discount list. Some important notes:
  •          A product could be sold as multiple price list items, with various discount list and units.
  •          If you select a discount list, the discounts automatically will take place when creating quotes.
  •          If you select “whole and fractional”, the decimal support of the product would be used for fractional option.

Congratulations, you are ready now to create a quote!

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